(Nat Dipl Med. Orth Prosth 2002)( Btech Med. Orth Prosth 2010)

  • Steve Green qualified as a Medical Orthotist Prosthetist at the then Technikon Pretoria in 2001.
  • He worked in the field for a no. of South African Prosthetic practitioners honing his skills in the field of prosthetics.
  • In 2006 he started working for Orthotic & Prosthetic supply companies who were the South African agents for Ossur, one of the top Orthotic & Prosthetic Companies in the world.
  • Ossur an Icelandic company is a forerunner in the international supply of  orthotic & prosthetic devices.
  • Steve was involved in training , education & sales while working  for Ossur. He learned a lot from those within the industry as well as from practitioners in the field.
  • In 2010 Ossur South Africa opened their doors in Cape town. This really made the Icelandic technology more accessible to South African practioners.
  • Steve then decided in 2011 to start his own practice in January 2012.
  • His business has now been growing from strength to strength and been successfully running for the last 6 years.
  • Steve keeps up to date with the latest prosthetic technology and will ensure that each patient gets the exact components that they need to provide them with best possible outcome.
  • Steve’s wife Charne is a Physiotherapist and together they provide a complete service to each and every prosthetic patient ensure that they are able to function as independently as possible once they leave.
  • Steve and Charne have a passion for what they do and will always go the extra mile for their patients. Each patient is unique and thus will be treated in a unique manner until success is achieved and until each patient is satisfied.


(BSc.Physiotherapy 2002)

  • Charne Green completed her Physiotherapy Degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2002 and thereafter completed her Community Service in 2003.
  • In 2004, Charne started working in the private sector for Ronel Venter Physiotherapy.
  • Charne met Steve Green, the attending orthotist at Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital and often assisted in the rehabilitation of amputee patients.
  • At one occasion, Steve invited Charne to attend an amputee rehabilitation workshop, led by Bob Gailey.  It was during this workshop that Charne realised the need for an amputee rehabilitation therapist on the Westrand.
  • Charne therefore, together with the attending orthotists, assisted with the amputee rehabilitation while employed by Ronel Venter.
  • In 2014, Charne resigned from Ronel Venter, as she became a mother.
  • As Steve’s practice kept growing and Charne missed working with patients, she decided to pursue her passion.
  • Charne is currently working with Steve and is specializing in amputee rehabilitation.
  • Together Charne and Steve are committed to provide each amputee patient with the best care possible and rehabilitate each patient to their full potential.

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